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Extending the new Office Add-Ins of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

I work at a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner and we use Dynamics NAV also as a ticket system and a planning tool for our tasks.
Often, I get E-Mails like: ”Hey Thomas, can you check T00010 for me?“ or „Can you check Task 000015A“.So, it would be quite nice to see the Dynamics NAV content directly in Outlook. First I analysed the XML manifest and quickly found out, that NAV generates this manifest with Codeunit 1643 “Hyperlink Manifest“. I copied this codeunit to 51643 “Hyperlink Manifest Custom“ and extended the RegEx like this:


The RegEx “([0-9]{6}[A-Z])“ matches our task no. series and the RegEx “(T[0-9]{6})“ matches our ticket no. series.

Now we have to change the “Manifest Codeunit ID“ in the “Office Add-in Management“ page:


Next step: Deploy add-in!

Now I check a test E-Mail in O365 Outlook.
And it works!


I still had to Implement the NAV lookup logic and I found out that codeunit 1637 “Office Document Handler“ handles the call from O365. I copied the codeunit to 51637 “Office Document Handler Custom“ and created some “quick and dirty” lookup functions:


CollectTicketMatches is equally built to CollectTaskMatches. After that we had to change the function “GetHandlerCodeunit“ in codeunit 1630 “Office Management“:


And a small question to Microsoft: Why is this function not implemented as an event with the handle pattern?! I had to change a standard object L
Nevertheless, NAV tickets now open via Outlook!


But not the tasks. Okay, debugging time!


Why is the A at the end of my Task no. gone?
So i have to dive deeper into it. First I tried to find out there the TempOfficeAddinContext is filled.So I checked the IFrame, in chrome with developer tools, to see which url is called.’Item Type‘ IS “’0“‘ and ‚Regular Expression Match‘ IS “’087554“‘ and ‚Item ID‘ IS …

Hmm still missing here. Ok we need more research. Analysing the network traffic with the developer tools shows that the first call goes to this aspx file is only a js file included:


And the first function looks like the evil one. Ok right click -> usage:


Aha here it is. I changed it to:


And it works!


I hope this helps you to extend the NAV 2017 experience for your customer :-).


  • „C:\inetpub\wwwroot\DynamicsNAV100\WebClient\js\OfficeClientAddin.js“ generates filter and redirects to Page 1600
  • Everything starts in Page 1600