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Run nav-docker on Azure

Running a nav container on azure is really simple.

First we need to open an azure Cloud Shell (I prefered PowerShell).
Now we create a resource group for our containers (Name navgroup, location westeurope).

PS Azure:\> az group create -g navcontainer --location westeurope

And now we can create easily a NAV2018 container (in this sample NAV2018, CU1, DE, blue is the name and green is the location).

PS Azure:\> az container create -g navcontainer -n twity-nav2018cu1de --image microsoft/dynamics-nav:2018-cu1-de --os-type Windows --cpu 2 --memory 4 --ip-address public -e ACCEPT_EULA=Y USESSL=N ClickOnce=Y --dns-name-label twity-nav2018cu1de --ports 80 7046 8080

After 5-15 min the container runs and you can attach to the container an extract the login information:

PS Azure:\> az container attach -g navcontainer -n twity-nav2018cu1de
Starting Container
Hostname is 4bb4474aab0c
PublicDnsName is
Using NavUserPassword Authentication
Starting Local SQL Server
Starting Internet Information Server
Creating Self Signed Certificate
Modifying NAV Service Tier Config File with Instance Specific Settings
Starting NAV Service Tier
Creating DotNetCore NAV Web Server Instance
Creating http download site
Creating Windows user admin
Enabling SA
Creating NAV user
Creating ClickOnce Manifest
Container IP Address:
Container Hostname : 4bb4474aab0c
Container Dns Name :
Web Client :
NAV Admin Username : admin
NAV Admin Password : XXXXXXX
Dev. Server         :
Dev. ServerInstance : NAV
ClickOnce Manifest  :


Initialization took 99 seconds
Ready for connections!


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