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Debug HttpClient Request inside a Container

If you use a BC Container to develop a WebService connetction, it is hard to analyse the traffic with only […]

Business Central 140 Symbols

Business Central 140 has two ways to work with symbols. Way 1 – The default way Business Central used the […]

Run nav-docker on Azure

Running a nav container on azure is really simple. First we need to open an azure Cloud Shell (I prefered […]

Create Dynamics NAV Docker images with a custom SQL database

I created a simple Dockerfile and a Powershell script to create an custom docker image based on an offical Microsoft image. […]

Print Logo on Reports only if sending via E-Mail (NAV2016 and higher)

The Problem Currently it is not possible in NAV to detect the ouputtype of an Report in NAV (Print, PDF, […]

Filter length for SETFILTER in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 and the 2100 parameters issue

In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the filter length is limited to 1024 characters. With Microsft Dynamics NAV 2017 […]

Extending the new Office Add-Ins of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

I work at a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner and we use Dynamics NAV also as a ticket system and a […]